32" DIY All-in-One ATX Desktop Chassis w/ 1080p IPS Screen

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Finally, you can build your own all-in-one pc with this AIO case from ViewPaker!  It is the first of its kind DIY all-in-one PC case on Ebay that you can install your own component.

No more compromises!  It has the space for ATX/micro ATX motherboard with over-size graphic card and more.  Perfect for building your next gaming PC that saves spaces and money.

No more separate case and monitor easy to carry around.  Best for trade shows and LAN parties.  Need to demonstrate VR?  No more clutter of boxes and wires.  This single piece of equipment is all you need to bring. 

Top build quality guaranteed!  ViewPaker has been building AIO case for 7 years as pioneer and current market leader with monthly sales over thousands in several countries.


Product Features:


32 IPS panel Full HD 1920 X 1080 Monitor:

   Thin Bezel, 93% Screen Space

  16.7M (Real 8 Bit) Display Color and 2ms Response Time with 175 Degree Wide Viewing Angle

  No Glare Screen.  Nowadays all desktops and laptops use glossy screen because its an eye catcher in Bestbuy.  We use mat screen so theres no glare only clear picture.


Enormous Case Space:

  Support ATX / Micro ATX Motherboard

  Space for Full Size Graphic Card, no more compromises just because its an AIO

  3.5 Hard Drive Rack

  Fits Full Size Power Supply

  Fits After-Market Low Profile CPU Fan

(Diagram below demonstrates component layout in our 27" version.  Actual product is larger and white in color as shown in procuct pictures)


Integrated Accessory:

  Two USB Ports on the side of monitor for easy access

  1.3MegaPixel Webcam w/ Integrated Microphone and 5W Stereo Speaker, for easy web conference out of the box

  Retractable Headphone Hanger to place your headphone



Installation Instructions:

        Install computer components as any other PC case.

There are 4 pieces of wire from monitor control board thats with the case: its power connector, side USB and webcam connector, DVI connector, power/reset button and LED connector.  You need to connect them to the motherboard.

Plug in Power button, reset button, LED indicator connector wire to your motherboard.  This is same as any other PC case.

Connect USB2.0 connector to onboard USB on your motherboard.  This is for both the side USB ports and the webcam.

Power the monitor control board by connecting it to the power supply.  It uses a regular 4-pin hard drive power connector.  This will power the control board and the monitor itself.

When finished installing the components and closed the back case, the DVI connector extends out around to plug into your graphic card.

Press the power button on the bottom, you are ready to go!